As a business cultivation engine, Zuva is currently running a 6-month mentorship programme to mature ventures and projects from idea to concept to seed, start-up and growth.

A cultivation engine is an organisation whose core mission is to facilitate the birth and successful growth of other organisations. When we interact with organisations, our first job is to first understand where each business is in the business cycle.

We have methodologies to take each business on a phased journey of self-discovery to hone its business model and position it for capital injection. Most of the interaction during the mentorship programme is face-to-face, but it is also supported by online resources, coaching, webinars, workshops, etc. Entrepreneurs enter the programs in groups.

Each group is assigned a process facilitator who supports the entrepreneurs in making progress through the maturation process.

Here are 10 reasons you need to be part of this programme:

To understand better how the new economy works. After you have gone through our programme, you will better understand how people are the centre of economies, each with a unique set of needs. Economy happens when those needs are met.


  1. Assets. The Zuva mentorship programme opens your eyes to a broad spectrum of assets that your business can harness, besides money and capital. Such assets include networks, intellectual capital, people and much more.

2. Our methodology takes your businesses and ventures from beginning to end and allows you to continually re-iterate.

3. You will be able to attract the right capital for your business. People often start by seeking capital. However, going through our methodology will help to align and position your business strategically for the right capital.

4. Business model. When you have your business model at the end, you as a team will be ready. Business modelling is the key to unlocking everything else, and we will steer you to get to that point.

5. Business modelling tools. We will also talk about modelling tools which helps you collect data, analyse it and look at it from many different facets in order to create the optimal business model

6. Economic impact. You will be able to assess your economic impact. Going through our programme helps you determine whether your venture is likely to be a viable business, and whether it will be likely to obtain funding or get the right partners

7. Business plans. You will develop your own business plans, as well as prepare persuasive presentations for investors and partners and assess them against benchmarks that help you understand what other people will look for in similar businesses.

8. Sustainability. Our programme helps you set up a business that is undergirded by a succession plan outlining what happens if you or other key people are no longer in the business.

9. Social impact. We will help you develop a social impact as well as stewardship strategy for your business. We believe that every business should have social objectives built into their operating models.

10. Entrepreneurial organisations. We will look at the characteristics that entrepreneurial organisations need to attain and maintain throughout their life cycles in order to continue successfully navigating the complex and chaotic business environment. These include being organic, fluid, open and agile.